My name is Ararad Sarkissian. Born, January 21st 1987. Toronto, Ontario. Ever since I was 2 years old, I had a passion for Art.
My father is an Artist, a Carpenter, was an Actor & many more things. When he first showed me how to draw,
I was immediately hooked to creating in every element of Art. I Pass this passion along to my already creative niece & nephew.
I set up a space for them in my studio to have an outlet to draw, paint & sculpt. Even help me with some paintings.
It's so important to give children at a young age infinite outlets.
My childhood was packed with experimenting & risking since a young age, to gain. To comprehend what Struggle & Success is.
My journey through Art is an obsessive one. Like the infinite amount of us out there. 
I'm a painter, sketch-artist, digital artist, logo designer, photographer, musician, & actor